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Enjoy Your Ski Vacations at Lost Valley

The city of Auburn, Maine, in the northeast part of our country, smugly swank of nearby Lost Valley Ski Resort, making definite its slopes are roofed with plenty of simulated snow for the arriving winter skiers, snowboarders, and winter sport fans. Lost Valley is identified for using the first artificial snow in Maine over 39 years ago- way before it became well-liked with just about all ski resort with little snowfall. With over 300 acres of unusual types of terrain in the area – hills, streams, and bridges – there are 45 acres devoted to skiing, cross country, and snowboarding sports. The slopes are separated into 25% of slopes for beginners, 35% for intermediates, no advanced slopes, and 10% for skilled. Snowfall in this area is only 99 inches per year which is not plenty for skiers or snowboarders, so Lost Valley prides itself on the individual grooming of the slopes in the fall, preparing it for the winter games.

When a winter sport starts for the winter spell, 15 tracks are always ready to go, with two chair lifts and a T-bar. Lost Valley has the greatest ski day in Maine, with 13 hours of nonstop skiing every weekend of the skiing period. Its vertical drop is 240 feet with a peak of 350 feet. Also available are manual-operated electronic timing, in order for skiers to perform the slalom racing. Thrilling illumination system allocates skiers to ski throughout the night on every Lost Valley slope and trail.

Family Ski Vacations

This Lost Valley Ski Area also presents free of charge adaptive ski coaching to all sort of people with different disabilities and skills, through the non-profit association Lost Valley Handicapped Ski Association. This is something that is very unique and exceptional in the skiing field, with many people taking benefit of it in the area. Skiing equipment can be borrowed for all winter sports that are catered to at Lost Valley Resort, plus ski equipment, snowboarding equipment, mountain bikes, and paintball gears.

At the hotel, you will experience an affectionate family atmosphere with wonderful food and beverages. This is completely a breathtaking place to come with a family, as Lost Valley was designed with the family in mind. There are coaching plans, adaptive ski programs, racing events, a snowboard terrain park, mountain biking, and a huge twenty-acre paintball park.

Lost Valley Resort is also a great place to hold meetings, family reunions, weddings, and other special events. Catering service is also available in this resort.